• Agata Cebulska

Vitamin C Series

Moisturises ~ Firms ~ Brightens

Moisturising serum in cream

Light, silky face cream with Vitamin C, for skin with tendency to reddening and hyper-pigmentation. Made on basis of natural ingredients: Shea butter, Grape Seed oil, Aloe juice, Sage and Green Tea extracts. Thanks to Vitamin C, B5 and Allantoin, cream is more efficient. Regular use delays skin ageing processes and reduces wrinkles. After a week of systematic application, the skin hydration increases, so the skin looks healthy and regains its glow.

Micellar water

Recommended for facial cleansing and make-up removal for people with sensitive skin susceptible to imperfections. Perfectly removes make-up/waterproof make-up. It has soothing properties owing to Allantoin, contains Vitamin C with anti-ageing properties. Lemon extract is a natural antioxidant neutralising free radicals and preventing skin ageing. It helps reduce acne and hyper-pigmentation.

Anti-age face cream

Lightweight, moisturising and anti-wrinkle cream reduces a hyper-pigmentation and lightens your skin based on natural ingredients; Shea butter, Grape Seed oil, Aloe Vera juice, Green Tea extract, Allantoin, Vitamin C and E. it provides optimum skin hydration, protecting it from water loss. It makes your skin firm, smooths wrinkles, neutralises free radicals and inhibits skin ageing process.

Foaming wash face & hand & body

Light, aromatic foam for face, hands and body wash based on delicate and natural cleansing agents. Gently, but effectively cleanses the skin, and thanks to the content of Vitamin C and Vegetable glycerine, it also nourishes dry, tires, without vitality skin. Recommended for everyday use as and alternative to liquid soaps.


Best at-home microdermabrasion product based on natural, certified ingredients. Exfoliating crystals remove dead cells, making your skin beautifully smooth and glowing. It reduces wrinkles, removes hyper-pigmentation and stimulates micro-circulation which evens out skin tone. It prepares the skin to absorb nutritious ingredients contained in skin creams, serums and masks.

Enzymatic peeling with Vitamin C

Lightening exfoliation scrub for skin of face and neck area on the base of plant enzymes: Papain and Bromelain with the addition of Lactic acid and Citric acid, Vitamin C & E, Panthenol, Hylauronic acid and Carrot oil. Gently removes dead skin without the need for friction. For dry, delicate and sensitive skin with discoloration.

Hand & nails cream

Nourishing cream for hands with imperfections, discolorations and freckles. Active formula with the Vitamin C and extracts of parsley and Canadian sorrel effectively brightens and evens the skin tone. The formula with the content of precious oils, a complex of plant extracts from acerola, lemon and lime such also Allantoin and panthenol, perfectly protects, visibly moisturises, and supports the regeneration of the damaged skin.

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