• Agata Cebulska

RESIBO cosmetic Natural , Vegan

Do you have problems to find perfect cosmetics for your face?

Here you go Series of RESIBO COSMETICS natural and vegan for any kind of skin😍

Makeup remover oil - Removes all impurities , dissolves sebum.

It even removes waterproof makeup without discomfor.

It leaves the skin soft and well nourished. For all skin types : nourishes and moisturises dry , regulates oily and mixed. The microfibre cloth attached to the oil gently scrubs the skin.

ultra-moisturizing cream - Light as a base , perfect for makrip.An invisible mesh of minerals protects and protects the skin from the sun ( SPF 10). It does not leave streaks. Moisturizing composition gives the best of everything throughout the day.

EYE CREAM - Pushes out wrinkles from inside. It eliminates dark circles and puffiness , illuminated the look. Thanks to It , you will regainthe comfort you miss.

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