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Vegan organic handmade eco cruelty free cosmetics certificates

Stara Mydlarnia Success in numbers

over 6 thousand of cruelty free products

We strive to our cosmetics be of the highest quality by selecting reliable suppliers of raw materials. They are very often indigenous Polish companies, and international producers with significant experience in cosmetology too.


15 years full of passion and power to create cosmetics

For 15 years we have been making for you cosmetics for face, body and hair care, and products for aromatherapy. Nowadays, Stara Mydlarnia is a recognised brand in Poland and abroad, which cares about you and your need of beauty.


Network of 37 franshise shops in Poland and 200 partners shops

In 2010 we began building franchise network of Stara Mydlarnia shops. Currently it involves almost 37 shops all over Poland and is still growing dynamically. Every year several shops join us. They are located mostly in big shopping malls and central places of cities. in 2017 new franchise shop open in Barcelona 


over 300 natural ingredients

Addition of Polish herbs from organic farming, plant extracts and nutritious oils such as argan, macadamia, babassu or jojoba and shea butter or vegetable glycerine makes our Customers willingly choose everyday naturalness of the Stara Mydlarnia's products.